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Look Your Best - Clothing & Appearance Tips

We recommend normal daytime makeup and a hairstyle that you particularly like on you. Please do not get your hair cut the day of, or before your portrait session unless you love your hair directly after it is cut and styled. Clothing should be comfortable and casual for outdoor portraits. Solids always make the best long lasting images. Ladies should not wear sleeveless tops. Please see some of our samples. Colors you should avoid are red and white. There are many shades of red, so in a group photo, unless all the red cloth is exactly the same, the reds will not match in your finished prints. Unless you are a bride, it is better to wear light pastels rather than white. The eye tends to go to the brightest part of the image, so if you are wearing a white shirt or blouse, people notice that first instead of your face. At the risk of sounding obvious - wear clothes which you know make you look great. You will be looking at these prints for years, so you want to look your best. Trendy clothes are not the best choice. For outdoor portraits, wear good walking shoes and bring the shoes you would like in your portrait unless you plan to be barefoot. Below are some examples of great clothing choices.