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Commercial Photography by Scott Schrecker
Scott Specializes in all types of commercial imaging. Tabletop product and food photography, and all types of people images, as well as large scale interiors and exteriors.

These organ pics are from a really neat assignment to illustrate a church organ concert series brochure. I got to climb around in this wonderful Schantz organ, up in the pipes, way up high in the superstructure of the organ. There are thousands of pipes, some as small as my pinkie, some 2 stories high.

This is the light source that we used to light the big shot, and many of the detail views, including the B&W one here. It's a 20 feet x 10 feet cinema silk rigged on a frame, with 4 studio flash units behind it on stands. This is the small light. We tried to rig it as a 20x20 VERTICALLY, but soon regained our senses. This 10x20 worked great. That sound of the 4 flashes going off simultaneously, at full power, made a pop sound that echoed throughout the empty church. This light was chosen to simulate natural window light. The large lightsource size helped the highlights on the metal stay nice and soft.